Weekend Links: Amazing X-ray Photography

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I thought I had seen the pinnacle of animals invading sporting events with the Blackburn Rovers chicken (and before that, the Anfield cat!) but nay, there are (luckily) many more.
From the Department of Inspiration: "As part of their "Make THE Difference" campaign, TMB Bank shares a story of a group of kids that didn't let something silly like living on a floating island in the middle of the sea get in the way of their love for soccer."
Check out Nick Veasey's amazing X-ray photography of plants and animals and all manner of things (that are not human).
Oh, so that's why cars in horror movies never start the first time … Makes sense.
By now you've probably seen those mock-ups of President Obama riding a unicorn, but where did it come from? The art department of the local newspaper I work for, that's where! Congrats John Yardley - you have gone viral!
An interesting look back - So whatever happened to plasma TVs? Did LCD win?
From Drew, "This is the most random, mindless entertainment I've found on the Internet." It truly is. And yet … there I was playing with it for longer than I should have …!
Stay tuned - more links tomorrow! In the meantime send your submissions to FlossyLinks@gmail.com. I also have a new Twitter handle, @KeeneTV, where you can also tweet me links!

May 12, 2012 - 5:09am
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