The Late Movies: 6 Awesome K'Nex Creations

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Did you know that the original idea for K'Nex came from a guy playing with drinking straws at a wedding? Later, the company was turned down by major toy corporations and LEGO before being picked up by TOMY and becoming one of the most fun ways to pass the time—for kids and adults. Here, check out some of the coolest machines—and other wacky inventions—created using only K'Nex.

1. Metropolis

Using almost 30,000 pieces, this tower, reaching 2.4 meters into the air, took almost a full year to complete.

2. Project Cyclone

Using more than 80 feet of track, this construction stands seven and a half feet tall.

3. K'Nex Computer

Moving away from simply cool buildings, this creation can do complicated math formulas, making it smarter than me.

4. Lawnmower

This K'Nex project is fully functional. Maybe I would've been more excited for chores if I got to use this for yardwork!

5. Chainsaw

Is this more or less terrifying than an actual chainsaw?

6. Optimus Prime

Just plain cool.

January 10, 2012 - 5:15pm
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