7 YouTube Yule Logs

As you gather together with friends and family, why not crank up the old YouTube Yule Log? It's easier than putting together a real fire, and you can always start it over when the flames die down! I've gathered some of my favorite virtual fireplaces below -- I recommend clicking through to YouTube and going to HD for the best effect (and best audio -- the crackling and roaring sounds are key to a good yule log!).

If you're looking for a DVD or Blu-Ray yule log, there's actually a thriving market out there -- I can personally recommend HD Moods: FIRE (Blu-ray) -- it has excellent audio, and they keep changing out the logs (to keep the fire roaring), but use clever cross-fades so it's very subtle when the change happens. (Also, for you camera nerds, that Blu-ray video was shot with a RED Camera®.) Enjoy!

The Original WPIX Yule Log

The quality here isn't great. But the WPIX Yule Log is the original TV yule log! See Kara's post on More Not-So-Famous Christmas Firsts for this log's history, including the true story of how this shot set a carpet on fire -- always use your protective fire screens, people!

Aspen and Spruce - 15 Min

This 720p video shows roaring flames from aspen and spruce logs, along with a distinctive popcorn-like crackling and popping sound. I love the roar of the flames pulling air into the fireplace!

Unidentified Logs - 20 Min

Another 720p video, showing a merry fire.

Closeup Fire - 98 Min

A full 1080p video, though it's zoomed way in. I'd turn off annotations on this one (the little red icon in the lower right) as there are some odd ad-like things at the top...begone, weird YouTube ad thingies!

Homey Fire - 10 Min

I'd also turn off annotations on this one, it has a brief ad for an iPhone app. And nobody needs that crap on Christmas!

Leftover Wood - 1 Hour

This one is decent, and in 720p, but it takes a while to get going. There are some annotations at the beginning, pointing to a 2-hour (non-HD) version and another yule log video by the same person.

Canadian Fireplace - 5 Min

At 5 minutes, and with a little background noise, this isn't the best option in the world -- but hey, it's something. Shot at Storm Mountain Lodge, Alberta Canada, Jan 6, 2010.

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Shout! Factory
The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon Is Back
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Shout! Factory

For many fans, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is as beloved a Thanksgiving tradition as mashed potatoes and gravy (except funnier). It seems appropriate, given that the show celebrates the turkeys of the movie world. And that it made its debut on Thanksgiving Day in 1988 (on KTMA, a local station in Minneapolis). In 1991, to celebrate its third anniversary, Comedy Central hosted a Thanksgiving Day marathon of the series—and in the more than 25 years since, that tradition has continued.

Beginning at 12 p.m. ET on Thursday, Shout! Factory will host yet another Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day marathon, hosted by series creator Joel Hodgson and stars Jonah Ray and Felicia Day. Taking place online at, or via the Shout! Factory TV app on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and select smart TVs, the trio will share six classic MST3K episodes that have never been screened as part of a Shout! Factory Turkey Day Marathon. Here’s hoping your favorite episode makes it (cough, Hobgoblins, cough.)

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Pop Culture
America's Favorite Reality Shows, By State
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From aspiring crooners to housewives looking to settle scores, there are plenty of reality shows out there for every interest. But which ones are currently the most popular? To answer this question, mined Google Trends data to measure the most-watched “real-life” programs in each state. They broke their findings down in the map below.

The results: Residents of sunny California and Arizona are still Keeping Up With the Kardashians, while Texans love Little Women: Dallas. Louisianans can’t get enough of Duck Dynasty and in Utah, viewers are tuning in to Sister Wives.

See which other shows made the cut below, and afterwards, check out’s deep data dive from 2016 to see how our viewing preferences have changed over a year.

A map breaking down each state's favorite reality show, created by the team.


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