The Late Movies: Star Trek Sound Effects

I love me some Star Trek -- and I'm a TNG man through and through. So when I came across a 24-hour loop of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D engine noise (that's the TNG ship to you non-superfans), I was in geeky heaven. It's wonderfully soothing -- I'd love to have this sound playing at my doctor's office. Below, I've rounded up some Trek sound effects for your holiday enjoyment.

Star Trek: TNG Ship Noise

A 24-hour loop.

Star Trek: TOS Ship Noise

A mere 2-hour loop. Something went terribly wrong with the video (it's all green), but who cares about the video anyway?

Star Trek Sound Effects - Enterprise Bridge Sequence

A medley of effects from around the ship (TOS).

Star Trek Sound Effects - Enterprise Bridge Sequence #2

Another medley of similar effects (TOS).

Star Trek Sound Effects - Photon Torpedo (3 Blasts)

Three photon torpedos (TOS).

Star Trek Sound Effects - Warp Drive Acceleration & Deceleration

She canna' take much more of this, captain! (TOS, of course.)

Star Trek Sound Effects - Many Tribbles

TOS, naturally.

TNG Red Alert

Ah, the good old Red Alert! Usually followed by: "All hands to battle stations!"

More Sound Effects

Check out this YouTube playlist (user OriginalRooster, playlist "Star Trek Sound Effects") for a bunch more.

Everything You Need to Know About Food in One Book

If you find yourself mixing up nigiri and sashimi at sushi restaurants or don’t know which fruits are in season, then this is the book for you. Food & Drink Infographics, published by TASCHEN, is a colorful and comprehensive guide to all things food and drink.

The book combines tips and tricks with historical context about the ways in which different civilizations illustrated and documented the foods they ate, as well as how humans went from hunter-gatherers to modern-day epicureans. As for the infographics, there’s a helpful graphic explaining the number of servings provided by different cake sizes, a heat index of various chilies, a chart of cheeses, and a guide to Italian cold cuts, among other delectable charts.

The 480-page coffee table book, which can be purchased on Amazon for $56, is written in three languages: English, French, and German. The infographics themselves come from various sources, and the text is provided by Simone Klabin, a New York City-based writer and lecturer on film, art, culture, and children’s media.

Keep scrolling to see a few of the infographics featured in the book.

An infographic about cheese

An infographic about cakes
Courtesy of TASCHEN

An infographic about fruits in season
Courtesy of TASCHEN


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