50 Fun Examples of Louis C.K. Fan Art

Louis C.K. is one of the Internet's (and maybe America's) most loved comedians. If you've never seen his Emmy-nominated TV show or stand-up specials, you can get to know him here, through the wonderful and sometimes odd artwork of his fans.

Left: Tim Goodier at tacobelltwoways
Right: Cara Thayer & Louie Van Patten at etsy

cryingatbingo (Emily) at Flickr

Joan Varitek at pinkopigtails

Josh Lange at Dallas Observer

Left: thewalkingman at deviantART
Right: dresslikeshit at deviantART

Cara Mae Corder on tumblr

Left: Mike Burns at Mike Burns Illustration
Right: Tim Jepson at Art by Tim Jepson

BlackPotion (Ana T.) at deviantART

Left: Kerry Daniszewski at Kerda
Right: uhhhsirk (Hayden) at deviantART

William Appledorn at The Art of William Appledorn

Rendez Pagett at Picture Engineering

Left: borosaur (Boris) at deviantART
Right: wopah at deviantART

Tom Trager on tumblr

Left: Andy Hunt at society6
Right: Greg Hill at gh illustration

Kid-With-The-Hat at deviantART

GH Illustration (G Haskell) at etsy

Left: TheRogueSPiDER (Jason A. Santiago) at deviantART
Right: Rene A. Garza III at Non-Habit Forming

Monk Design (Matt Jacobus) on tumblr

SuperMachoMao at Flickr

Left: Eric Escobar on Blogger
Right: R.L. Amaro at indie8graphics

Mike Holmes at Flickr

Gant Powell at Hire an Illustrator

bx21 (B. Yu) at deviantART

bonvillain (Thomas Bonvillain) at deviantART

vegas9879 (Tyler Smith) at deviantART

Josh Lange at Chalk Outlines

Karthik Abhiram at deviantART

ralph0 at deviantART

Left: Michael Maglio at Soap in the Eye
Right: filmfanatic88 (Nick Bachan) at Flickr

patchco89 (Patrick Coppolino) at Flickr

Jeffrey Decoster at

HanzSolo (Fabián Peña Loyola) at deviantART

demann18 (Dezmond Gipson) at deviantART

Franklin P. Quacker at Quackers

Rektozhan (Ray Rubeque) at deviantART

plantains? (Mike Lees) at Flickr

TheOriginalMimeShit (Cody Ozkenel) at deviantART

Jeff Proctor at Make Nonsense

Douglas Harrower at society6

The Mangusta at etsy

weja at deviantART

Pop Chart Lab
Every Emoji Ever, Arranged by Color
Pop Chart Lab
Pop Chart Lab

What lies at the end of the emoji rainbow? It's not a pot of gold, but rather an exclamation point—a fitting way to round out the Every Emoji Ever print created by the design experts over at Pop Chart Lab.

As the name suggests, every emoji that's currently used in version 10.0.0 of Unicode is represented, which, if you're keeping track, is nearly 2400.

Each emoji was painstakingly hand-illustrated and arranged chromatically, starting with yellow and ending in white. Unicode was most recently updated last summer, with 56 emojis added to the family. Some of the newest members of the emoji clan include a mermaid, a couple of dinosaurs, a UFO, and a Chinese takeout box. However, the most popular emoji last year was the "despairing crying face." Make of that what you will.

Past posters from Pop Chart Lab have depicted the instruments played in every Beatles song, every bird species in North America, and magical objects of the wizarding world. The price of the Every Emoji Ever poster starts at $29, and if you're interested, the piece can be purchased here.

Afternoon Map
8 City Maps Rendered in the Styles of Famous Artists

Vincent van Gogh once famously said, "I dream my painting and I paint my dream." If at some point in his career he had dreamed up a map of Amsterdam, where he lived and derived much of his inspiration from, it may have looked something like the one below.

In a blog post from March, Credit Card Compare selected eight cities around the world and illustrated what their maps might look like if they had been created by the famous artists who have roots there.

The Andy Warhol-inspired map of New York City, for instance, is awash with primary colors, and the icons representing notable landmarks are rendered in his famous Pop Art style. Although Warhol grew up in Pittsburgh, he spent much of his career working in the Big Apple at his studio, dubbed "The Factory."

Another iconic and irreverent artist, Banksy, is the inspiration behind London's map. Considering that the public doesn't know Banksy's true identity, he remains something of an enigma. His street art, however, is recognizable around the world and commands exorbitant prices at auction. In an ode to urban art, clouds of spray paint and icons that are a bit rough around the edges adorn this map of England's capital.

For more art-inspired city maps, scroll through the photos below.

[h/t Credit Card Compare]


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