Your Best Google Easter Egg Ideas

You've probably heard about Google’s ability to do a barrel roll. All you have to do is ask.

Most people are aware of Google penchant for taking creative license with its own logo, and its habit of pulling off April Fool’s Day pranks. But fewer people were probably aware of the “Easter Eggs” hidden in Google search like the barrel roll, or the one where you search the word “anagram” and it comes back asking “Did you mean nag a ram?”

The Google Hoaxes Wikipedia page has a big list of the known search Easter Eggs, as well as tricks associated with Google Calculator, Google Maps/Earth, Gmail and more.

After you check out a bunch of those I’d love to hear your funny ideas about what Google can hide next. Share your best hidden Google search Easter Egg ideas and our favorite idea will win a free copy of
mental_floss: The Book: Only The Greatest Lists in the History of Listory.

Update: The Winner is Tam! Thanks for playing everyone!

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