The Weird Week in Review

Drunken Moose Hides Swing Set in Tree

A family in Storebro, Sweden arrived home one night to find evidence of a wildlife party. Apples were strewn over the backyard, and the children's swing set was missing. Sweden has a problem with moose (called elk in Europe) this time of year, because the animals eat fermented apples and become drunk. The homeowner called police, who brought in a hunter to find the inebriated moose. The perpetrator was never located, but the family's swing set was eventually found in the woods, propped up in a tree about 500 feet from its original spot.

Booked Hotel is 12,000 Miles Away

South Africans Michael and Sunette Adendorff went to New Zealand, but had trouble finding the Majestic Hotel, where they had made reservations. They inquired at a chemist's shop for help, but found there is no hotel at all in the town of Eastbourne. Shop assistant Linda Burke looked at their paperwork and realized the hotel they wanted was on the other side of the globe! The internet reservations were for the Majestic Hotel in Eastbourne, Sussex, England instead of Eastbourne, New Zealand. Burke looked for accommodations for the couple, but as all the bed and breakfasts were full, she invited them to stay at her home. The Adendorffs were unable to get a refund on the hotel due to short notice, but they enjoyed their stay in the small New Zealand town.

Eel Removed from Man's Bladder

Warning: this story may be painful to read. A man from Honghu, Hubei province, China went to a spa to swim with eels, a treatment that is supposed to rejuvenate the skin as the eels nibble on dead skin cells. Instead, one of the eels slithered up Zhang Nan's urethra! Zhang tried to catch it, but the slippery animal disappeared into his penis. The man rushed himself to a hospital, where surgeons removed a dead 6-inch eel from his bladder. The operation lasted three hours.

Slug Stops Traffic

How does a common garden slug bring traffic to a standstill? It happened in Darlington, England last Friday morning. Traffic lights went out and a contractor was brought in to repair the control box. They fund a slug had gotten into the controls and short-circuited them. Councillor Chris McEwan said he'd received many complaints about the traffic lights.

"A slug was certainly the last thing I was expecting to have caused the problem.

“We do not know how long the slug had been there.

Unfortunately, it was dead by the time we found it, so we were unable to question it.

“Sadly, you just can’t legislate for a rogue slug trying to take out Darlington’s traffic system.”

The control box will be sealed to keep other critters out.

Oversized Man Sues White Castle for Undersized Seats

Martin Kessman of Nanuet, New York filed suit against the local White Castle outlet after two years of complaints about the size of their dining booths. Kessman weighs 290 pounds, and has a hard time fitting between the seats and the table. The seats are stationary and cannot be adjusted by the customers. Kessman said his complaints were answered with three “very condescending letters" and food coupons. He said the company sent him plans to change the seats, which never happened.

Colorado Cat Found Years Later in NYC

Chris and Jamie Squires lived in Broomfield, Colorado with their children and a cat named Willow. When Willow went missing, they posted notices, but eventually figured the cat had been killed by coyotes. That was in late 2006 or early 2007. The Squires later moved to Boulder. On Wednesday, they got a call from the company that had implanted a microchip in their cat years earlier. Willow had been found in New York City! Willow, picked up on 20th street and taken to a shelter where her microchip was scanned, appears healthy, but there is no clue how she got to New York or where she has been for the past five years. The cat is staying with a foster family in New York until travel can be arranged.

Clean Your Plate or Else

A restaurant in Dammam, Saudi Arabia has instituted a new policy that fines people if they order more than they can eat. Fahad Al Anezi, owner of the Marmar Restaurant, says that some customers order far more than necessary to impress their guests and boost their prestige, leading to wasted food. The amount of the fine will be decided according to what's left over. He says the new idea was met with approval by Saudis.

22 Emojis That Look Completely Different on Different Phones

Emojis are a great addition to our communication toolbox. Without saying a word, we can talk about people, places, things, and emotions. But different platforms sometimes display the same emoji specification in different ways. An eye roll might come across as petulant or cheerful. A snake might look threatening or adorable. To help you navigate some potentially confusing cross-platform interactions, here are 22 emojis (referred to by their programming code names) that come out with important differences on Apple (iOS 11.1), Google (Android 8), and Samsung (Galaxy S8).


3 different face with rolling eyes emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Way to miss the point.
Google: Ugh. Oh boy. Nice one. NOT!
Samsung: Heh, heh. Neato.


3 different snake emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Beware!
Google: Beware?
Samsung: Aww. Snakey-poo.


Three different nerd face emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Nerdy cuteness.
Google: Nerdy excitement!
Samsung: Nerdy astonishment!


Three different cookie emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Mmm. Delicious chocolate chips…
Google: Raisins? Nuts?
Samsung: Uh, thanks for the cookie?


Three different loudly crying face emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: River of tears.
Google: Waterfall of tears.
Samsung: Cast adrift on a lake of tears.


Three different ghost emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Ready for a goofy good scare?!
Google: Me scary! (*wink*)
Samsung: (*clears throat*) Um, boo.


Three different couch and lamp emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Midcentury modern pad.
Google: Office waiting room.
Samsung: Haunted Victorian hotel.


Three different chipmunk emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Cute? No. Please allow me my dignity.
Google: Tee hee. Cute!
Samsung: Where did I put those nuts…


Three different octopus emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Oh. You surprised me there.
Google: Boo! I surprise YOU!
Samsung: Hellooooooo, over there.


Three different cat emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Always identified more with the mice, actually.
Google: On the internet, everyone loves a cat!
Samsung: Your texts are tedious.


Three different pizza emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Pepperoni.
Google: Pepperoni and olives.
Samsung: Pepperoni, olives, and extra cheese.


Three different man dancing emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Disco in the '70s.
Google: Miami Vice in the '80s.
Samsung: Dabbing, whipping, and nae-naeing at the middle school.


Three different old man emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: More like middle-aged.
Google: Old and yet somehow babyish.
Samsung: Very prematurely grey kid.


Three different running shoe emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Ready for the 5K.
Google: Ready for some stickball.
Samsung: Ready for the playground.


Three different detective emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Experienced and ready to assist.
Google: No experience yet, but can’t wait to start!
Samsung: Seen too much.


Three different person surfing emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Awesome!
Google: Pretty fun.
Samsung: Whoa. Help.


Three different framed picture emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: For the nursery.
Google: For the den.
Samsung: For the great hall.


Three different drooling face emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Sooo delicious…
Google: Sooo incomprehensible…
Samsung: Sooo disturbing…


Three different clapping emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Pay attention!
Google: Polite applause.
Samsung: Hushed appreciation.


Three different t-shirt emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Casual Friday at the office.
Google: Saturday at the gym.
Samsung: Sunday on the couch.


Three different person frowning emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Hurt and disappointed.
Google: Crushed and disappointed.
Samsung: Not gonna stand for it anymore.


Three different fearful face emojis from Apple, Google, and Samsung

Apple: Yikes! Aaack! No way!
Google: Oh dear! Why! I feel sick!
Samsung: Bzzzt! Yoinks!

Check the platform differences for all the emojis at Emojipedia.

NSW Transport
This Just In
Australians Vote to Name New Sydney Harbor Boat 'Ferry McFerryface'
NSW Transport
NSW Transport

Proving that some jokes never die (or at least take a little longer to reach the Land Down Under), Sydney has a new ferry named Ferry McFerryface, according to BBC News.

For the uninitiated, the name Ferry McFerryface pays homage to an English practical joke from 2016. It all started when the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) made global headlines after launching an online poll to name a nearly $300 million polar research ship. Leading the vote by a significant margin was the moniker “Boaty McBoatface.”

For a short period, it seemed as though jokesters would pull off their naming coup. But once the competition reached its end, government officials ultimately decided to override the poll. They named the research ship RSS Sir David Attenborough instead, although they did agree to give the name Boaty McBoatface to one of its submarines.

Sydney recently held a similar competition to name a fleet of six new harbor ferries, and the results were announced in mid-November. Locals submitted more than 15,000 names, and winning submissions included the names of esteemed Australian doctors, prominent Aboriginal Australians, and—yes—Ferry McFerryface, according to the Associated Press. Boaty McBoatface also came out on top, but it was struck down.

“Given ‘Boaty’ was already taken by another vessel, we’ve gone with the next most popular name nominated by Sydneysiders,” said Andrew Constance, the New South Wales minister for transport and infrastructure, in a statement. “Ferry McFerryface will be the harbor’s newest icon and I hope it brings a smile to the faces of visitors and locals alike.”

[h/t BBC News]


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