Weekend Links: Smelly History

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Life is too short to fold fitted sheets … unless you watch this short video and learn the astonishing way how. I am blown away! Do you guys bother to fold your fitted sheets?
Like everyone else, the Secret Service used to dress in a more debonair fashion. Check out the Secret Service in Simpler Times (which of course were never very simple, really).
The Weekend Links are not sponsored by Boston.com, but maybe we should be - another great article from these guys this week on the movement to make sure smell stays a part of our history (and maybe even experience what others have, historically, smelled). Smell-O-Rama, anyone? I think my reaction to most of the historical smells would be "yuck."

Clearly, Skittles should sue this Rainbow Toad for copyright infringement of its product! (while writing this I just started humming "The Rainbow Connection" from the Muppets and couldn't figure out why ... duh alert!)
Did you know that, literally, "literally" is literally the most overused word? Literally! (Full disclosure: I am a literally a criminal abuser of this word, along with "like" and "y'know?") Sue me! Not literally!
If its steampunk, chances are I will love it and feature it here - oh look! Here's a great example: steampunk guitars (and a banjo). All look to be full function (minus the banjo) and look 100% pure awesome.
It's not a Weekend Links without some kind of shout out to space: this week, some awe-inspiring images of our magnificent moon.
A big thanks to everyone who sent in links this week, particularly Holly and Jan! Keep it up - send you submissions to FlossyLinks@gmail.com, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter, where I sometimes post silly (yet mind-blowing) pictures from the internet.

July 24, 2011 - 7:29am
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