Morning Cup of Links: State Flags

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Why do some Americanisms irritate people? Meaning people from other countries, that is, so it would behoove us to find out what they're talking about. (via Metafilter)
5 Famous Ad Campaigns That Actually Hurt Sales. Of sure, you remember them after all those years, but you still don't buy the product ...whatever it was. NSFW text. (via Huffpost Weird News)
Millie, Phillie, Billy, Groin, Sproing, Boing & Chad are dwarves from The Hobbit. They're making the leap from literature to the big screen, and you can see some of them at Film Drunk.
LIFE Goes Inside Today's KKK. Just long enough to get some pictures and information for you.
Sometimes state flags are surprisingly good at wrestling. Sometimes every state flag has their little idiosyncrasies someone should humorously point out.
Two Harvard researchers say obese children might be helped by separating them temporarily from their enabling parents. Others say that's going too far, and that the real reason for obesity is poverty.
True Crime: Doug Street, Human Chameleon. This impostor proved that intelligence plus cajones can make up for a lack of education credentials.

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July 14, 2011 - 1:00am
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