Weekend Links: Type Like a Movie Hacker

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You know how in Hollywood people just bang on a keyboard and suddenly they've broken into a top secret database? Yes well now you too can at least look like a pro with this handy Type Like a Hacker in a Movie tool.

A nice little distraction of a game that's somewhere in between strategy and PacMan. Did anyone beat the 30 levels?
This one I stole from the fantastic Colin Hanks on Twitter (@Colin_Hanks) - an engaging video about how bikers, pedestrians and motorists interact in one intersection in NYC (hint: badly!! It reminds me of Atlanta), and how urban design needs to come to the rescue.

This is my new absolute favorite website: Retronaut. According to the site, creator Chris Wild finds these amazing pictures and relics as a consultant for archives, museums and digital history (and makes up a few of his own along the way). (I think someone should edit this picture into the "this lady is wearing a crab hat, your argument is invalid" meme).
How to build the best paper airplanes from 12 great designs. It starts off easy but gets progressively harder!
Out of the mouths of babes: a Reno boy's science fair project on saving money through water conservation actually has businesses noticing.
A really unbelievable trick on the eye explained by the Discover Bad Astronomy blog (which if you don't have bookmarked already … do it now!). Seeing is not believing!
What those numbers on your credit card really mean, plus a related mathematical party trick with which to impress your friends, and what!
A big thank you to everyone who sent in links this week, especially links-faithful Jan - keep it up! Send your submissions to FlossyLinks@gmail.com. And don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@FlossyAlli), where sometimes I go on and on about beautiful bicycles.

June 12, 2011 - 7:42am
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