The Late Movies: Sesame Street International

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All over the world, little children learn their letters, numbers, and bad jokes watching the Muppets on their local version of Sesame Street. Here's a sample of the shows from the far corners of the earth.


Elmo sounds the same, even in Danish! The show is called Sesamgade.


Cookie Monster appears on an episode of Jalan Sesama.


The earliest Arabic version of Sesame Street.


Plaza Sésamo has been produced since 1972. It is broadcast to many Spanish-speaking nations, including the US.


Shalom, Cookie Monster! He and Ernie are on Rechov Sumsum.


In Russia, Sesame Street is ????? ?????, or Ulitsa Sezam.

South Africa

On Takalani Sesame, the Muppet Kami was introduced as an HIV positive character to help children talk about it.


When Ernie sings "Rubber Duckie" in Mandarin, it's called Xiàng Pí Xiao Ya.
Stay tuned for more clips from international versions of Sesame Street next week, same time, same bat channel!

June 10, 2011 - 6:00pm
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