The Late Movies: My Favorite Misanthrope

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In case you haven’t heard of him, Charlie Brooker is a British national treasure — and also a sneering, acidly sarcastic, fast-talking, hilarious journalist and TV presenter whose distinctly British tear-downs of everything from the state of TV to politics and video games have earned him a reputation as a no-holds-barred opinionator. Here’s the best of what I could find on YouTube — let me know what you think. BTW, he swears a lot, so these are definitely NSFW.

Charlie cleverly deconstructs the average news broadcast:

Charlie’s take on the differences between American and British TV news.

A quick — and extremely well-observed — guide to the reality of “reality” TV editing.

A snapshot of the history of video gaming. Great until these two Scottish guys start talking; I’ll be damned if I can make out half of what they’re saying.

Charlie’s take on violent video games.

This is a full 30 minute episode of a special documentary program Charlie hosted called HOW TV RUINED YOUR LIFE — and it’s absolutely brilliant. Watch the whole thing. What else have you got to do?

The darkness of American television.

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March 7, 2011 - 5:26pm
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