Morning Cup of Links: Near-Death Experiences

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“I hold an advanced degree in Liverpudlian quartet arts.” That’s how I imagine Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy introducing herself now that she’s become the world’s first person to graduate with a Masters Degree in The Beatles.
Who doesn't love a good octopus video? Our friend Maggie at Boing Boing has a special feature over there called everybody loves cephalopods, where she explains what makes these non-fluffy, non-mammals so appealing.
If you watched the insanity that is Black Swan, or the brutal climax of 127 Hours, or the drug-addled tailspin of The Fighter and thought ‘This movie would be way better if these characters were played by kids,’ then you’re really weird. But you’re also in luck.
Speaking of movies, the documentary filmmaker behind Super Size Me is hoping to increase his artistic credibility – by shamelessly selling it off to the highest bidder.
If your part of the country has been clobbered by snow, then you really need to hit up Wikihow and learn How to Build A Snow Fort, How to Win A Snowball Fight, and How to Make Ice Cream with Snow.
The author of the new book The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain has been gathering information about near-death experiences for three decades. In this article he shares some of what he’s learned.
In honor of my brother-in-law – who has just completed his college application process – let’s take a look at 11 Offbeat College Essay Topics.

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January 28, 2011 - 2:44am
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