Morning Cup of Links: Disneyland Graveyards

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The 25 Greatest Internet Memes of 2010. Ah, the memories of a year chock-full of useless and incomprehensible wastes of time.
The US government spends billions of dollars each year on dialysis for those who need it. But even as we spend more money than other countries, American patients are more likely to die from kidney failure or other complications than patients elsewhere.
Many people say they'd love to write, if they only had the time. John Scalzi says if you can't find the time, then you don't love it.
Rudolph, you don't have to put on the red light. "Roxanne" by The Police mixes well with the animated Christmas reindeer story.
Graveyards at Disneyland, and other weird secrets of "the happiest place on earth." The smallest details are deliberately placed for those who are more observant.
When you trying to jump over a rolling hay bale, remember it's rolling. Also remember, the harder you fall, the more likely the video will be uploaded for all to see.
He Inspired Jerry Springer (Plus 9 Other Stories About RFK). Little more than Robert Kennedy's assassination made it into history textbooks, but there was so much more to him than that.

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December 8, 2010 - 12:03am
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