Morning Cup of Links: Pearl Harbor Day

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The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the US into World War II occurred 69 years ago today. You might not know about the one person who caused it to be so devastating (a two-part story).
The 10 Most Spectacular Ways the World as We Know It Could End. And, as you probably guessed, there are book and movie analogies to help explain each catastrophe.
Penn State sends their students a birthday card when they turn 21. Do they really care about your welfare or are they trying to creep you out with the chattering squirrels? (via reddit)
The 22 Dumbest Things People Do on Facebook. Most have links to egregious real examples.
The Liljenquist family donated 400 Civil War photographs to the Library of Congress for a collection called The Last Full Measure. Then as now, many who did the fighting and dying seem to be too young to shave, much less fight.
I don't know what this press conference was about, but the best part came at the end. President Obama knows how to make a grand exit!
7 Works of Art That Are Taking a Beating. Vandalism strikes even the most precious masterpieces.

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December 7, 2010 - 12:08am
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