Weekend Links: Your New Favorite Animal, the Alot

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Heighten your enjoyment of Thanksgiving leftovers with a little science and history, like the evolution of cranberries. And lo, there's also a vintage Dietribe on cranberries as well! (Thanks Shilo!) Did anyone have anything unusual(ly tasty) for Thanksgiving this year?
Does it irk you when people use the non-word "alot" to describe a quantitative amount? Just do what the brilliant cartoonist over at Hyperbole and a Half does, and imagine they're talking about the (imaginary) woolly creature, the Alot. Have you heard of the Alot? He's great at tons of things!
Tired of sending our job applications? Then try what one fellow applicant did -- reverse the process and make the jobs apply to you! (Thanks Stephen! Does this make anyone else think of a Yakov Smirnoff joke? "In Soviet Russia … jobs apply to you!")

Speaking of Russia, it's home to some of the World's Most Beautiful Buildings.
From Margaret comes a fantastically presented data map (that may just be the nerdiest thing I've ever said … besides "I wish I could make sense of Bejeweled's successful algorithm…") that measures America.
Flossy reader Sarah brings us on a journey through the very deepest parts of the uncanny valley with a video of a human … who's not quite human.
Yes I know Thanksgiving has come and gone, but indulge me in checking out these 10 Larger Than Life Thanksgiving items, all worth a gander. Larger than life, the American way!
Thanks to everyone who sent in links this week! If you're on the road then have safe travels, and check back here next weekend for more links. In the meantime remember to send your submissions to FlossyLinks@gmail.com!

November 27, 2010 - 5:23am
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