Weekend Links: The World's Smallest Movie House

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As Ralph Kramden used to say, "One of these days, Alice, bang! Zoom! Straight to the moon!" Watch out, Alice, that day may have arrived! Recently, a homemade spacecraft (slash weather balloon) actually rose up to the upper stratosphere. Luckily there was a camera on board. (Thanks to my friend Sed for the link!)
From a baby-eating statue to an 800-lb enema bag, these 8 strange monuments could not be more bizarre. Do any of you guys have odd monuments in your town?
You usually have to have a lot of cash to get started in the political game, but just how much do the Presidents end up being worth? If having your visage gracing a bill was tied to personal wealth, then according to The Atlantic, George Washington deserved to be on a much larger bank note!

From my friend Vanessa (who always finds great links!) a look into the World's Smallest Movie House -- it's solar powered and seats 8.
It can be hard and, in a few cases, actually impossible to permanently delete your accounts with certain websites, but if you are looking to unplug for a little while, Cameron Chapman over at Smashing Magazine has helpful guide on how to make it happen.
I'm always on the lookout for innovative recycling art, and these artfully re-purposed bicycles certainly fit the bill. Who knew this was an actual movement?
Feeling nostalgic? These Vintage Food Ads should do the trick (and probably make you fairly grateful for some of the food we've left to the past).

Look What We Can Do With Science! meets your weekly "awww" quotient: an 8 month old baby hears and reacts to his mother's voice for the first time thanks to a cochlear implant.
Thanks to everyone who sent in links (particularly Sarah and Jan, my link-faithfuls!) More tomorrow - send your submissions to FlossyLinks@gmail.com!

November 6, 2010 - 5:46am
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