Why Shatner Stole Nimoy's Bicycle

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On December 6, 1991, Leonard Nimoy tried to demonstrate to a roomful of people that William Shatner was a mean human being. What was Shatner's offense? He stole Nimoy's bike. A representative exchange:

Nimoy: "He hurt me, badly. I want you to know that. Is this being taped? Is somebody taping this? I want it on record!"

Shatner: [Kisses Nimoy's ear] "I wouldn't hurt you for the world, Leonard, but the problem was, every time they called 'Lunch,' you'd get on your bike and bicycle down to the commissary and get to the head of the line!"

Nimoy: "That's the logical thing to do!"

Five minutes of vintage silliness to keep your Tuesday Shatneriffic and Nimoytastic.

(For more of this on-stage appearance, check out this video and just keep watching the five subsequent parts.)

(Via Kottke.org.)

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August 11, 2010 - 5:31am
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