Morning Cup of Links: Swing Like Tarzan

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The Geography of High-Paying Jobs. Before you start packing your bags, remember the cost of living in those high-paying areas is also pretty high. (via BroBible)
The Tiger Oil Memos. Interoffice memos from the CEO of a defunct company give us some insight into why they are defunct -who'd want to work with this guy? (via Boing Boing)
Jennifer Lawler tells how having a disabled daughter has changed her life. It's a wrenching, real-life version of the Holland analogy we've used for years. (Thanks, Kent!)
Tarzan Skills: How to Swim, Dive, Climb, and Swing Like the Lord of the Apes. This step-by-step guide won't make you king of the jungle, but it might improve your yodel. (via Gorilla Mask)
As if crude oil in the ocean wasn't bad enough, it seems that the oxygen levels in the Gulf of Mexico are falling. That's bad news for the animals who live in it.
What if the game Halo had been developed twenty years ago? Ed Fries pictured it in his mind and developed Halo 2600, which is actually a lot of fun.
4 Ways to Fly Like A Bird. Now, if we could just guarantee we can land like one...

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August 6, 2010 - 12:08am
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