The Quick 10: Your Seattle Recommendations Needed!

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My five-year anniversary is coming up soon, and we always said we'd head back to Europe for it (we honeymooned in Italy). Then Miss Lydia decided to make her appearance and we decided that a) we can't afford to jaunt off to Europe with a baby in the house and b) we aren't quite ready to be away from her for that long. So we decided to compromise and take a long weekend trip here in the States. Our destination? Seattle. I always hit up our readers for things to do when I travel and you haven't failed me yet! Here are a few things we're thinking about doing - let me know in the comments what you think is worth it, what isn't, and what isn't on my list that we definitely shouldn't miss.

1. Pike Place Market, of course. I'm not sure that you're allowed to go to Seattle without visiting this historic market. But I'll also be looking for the nearby Gum Wall.

2. The Fremont Troll. It's a 18-foot tall sculpture that lurks under a bridge, threatening to come alive and snatch a car at any moment. In fact, there's already a VW Bug clutched in one of his hands. A bonus stop might be a statue of Lenin that randomly sits in front of a Taco Del Mar.
3. Archie McPhee. I've been a fan of Archie McPhee's weirdo merchandise, so the chance to visit the actual store is rather exciting for me.

4. Salumi, Mario Batali's dad's place. It's a little hole-in-the-wall joint that sells salami and cured meats, sandwiches and weekly specials. My husband is drooling already.

5. Bruce and Brandon Lee. Well, their graves, anyway. Longtime readers know that I have a bit of a weird obsession with visiting cemeteries. We might make the short jaunt to Renton, Washington, to visit the final resting place of Jimi Hendrix as well.

6. The Space Needle. This just feels like another one of those things you have to do when you're in Seattle. But word on the street is that the restaurant at the top isn't worth it. What say you?

7. Experience Music Project. This one is on the list partially just because I want to see the building itself, which is a Frank Gehry that many critics absolutely abhor, calling it charming things like "The Hemorrhoids" or "something that crawled out of the sea, rolled over, and died."

8. Giant Shoe Museum. I'm not entirely sure I can convince Paul to go here, but this weird spot is right up my alley. It features a shoe worn by the world's tallest man, Robert Wadlow, who was 8 feet, 11 inches tall. In a similar vein, I also have my eye on Ye Old Curiosity Shop, which has been in Seattle since 1899 and has all kinds of weird things like mummies, four-legged hens and a ship made of matchsticks.

9. A Seahawks game. But only if Paul lets me stop at all of my quirky little places without complaint. Qwest Field is apparently one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL - in fact, during a 2005 game, the New York Giants received 11 false start penalties, which were attributed to the huge din coming from the crowd. I'll be sure to bring earplugs.

10. City Underground Tour. I've heard good things about this tour, which goes down in the depths take tourists to a city that existed in the mid 1800s. When a fire destroyed 25 city blocks in 1889, city leaders decided just to regrade the streets a couple of stories higher than the original. This resulted in a whole network of unused passageways and basements that apparently make for a great tour today.

I'm still looking for a good sushi place - you just don't get fresh sushi in Iowa - and a hotel. Your recommendations are much appreciated!

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August 4, 2010 - 12:17pm
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