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Every week, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of library-related items. If there's something fun going on in your local library, leave us a comment!

Libraries are the hot new thing, at least according to that arbiter of popular culture, NPR. I've always thought a TV show set in a public library, a la The Office, would be hilarious! And cupcakes are definitely over.
I mean, come on, look what an impact reading has on Tracy Morgan!
Best headline ever: Boys trail girls in reading; can fart jokes help? If you've ever met a boy between the ages of 4 and 12, you've got to know that the answer is yes! We cannot keep good old Captain Underpants on the shelf at my library, they are so popular!

Smories is one of the cutest web projects I've seen in a while -- stories written for kids, read by kids. They specialize in unpublished writers so maybe you'll be seeing the first works of the next Dr. Seuss or Mo Willems someday! Here's one: How Granpa Lost His Teeth. Now you just have to know, don't you?
Remember when we talked about libraries in malls? That garnered a lot of attention, and here's another report declaring them "wildly successful." Read all about it. Thanks, Sara!
Did you guys see the big news from last week, that Amazon sold more Kindle books than hardcovers? Cah-razee! But did you see the spoof? Kindles can be such bullies.
But seriously, guys. Speaking of ebooks, my library is going to start offering them in a few weeks. I'm very curious to see what the response will be like. Some public libraries are going further and actually scanning their own collections for digital archives. Is this the future of books?
Delaware makes it official: Summer Reading Programs are not only awesome, but they also increase kids' test scores and school participation the following year. And if Delaware says it, you know it's got to be true. Go libraries!
Libraries can also help by keeping kids off of the streets in the summertime. Parents dropping off kids can be a tricky issue for libraries, but this article explores the good side. And, look, call me hardhearted, but I would never do this: "In one case, the librarian keeps bread, peanut butter and jelly on hand so he can share his lunch with children who say they are hungry." Would you?

See you all next week! As always hit me with suggestions via email or in the comments below!

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