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What Else Happened On Your Birthday?

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Every Friday, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply, whatever you want. Very casual. On to this week's topics of discussion...

1. While moving boxes around our basement last weekend, I found a bunch of newspapers from September 12, 2001. Just feels like something I'll want to read—or want my kids to read—one day. I used to have several copies of the "Kerry's Choice" New York Post, but I parted with them when we moved last year. Are you saving any historically significant newspapers in your own little time capsules? (Or historically insignificant ones. My inner Al Bundy would never let me recycle The Star Ledger from December 9, 1996, which had full team coverage of our high school football team's third consecutive state championship.)

2. My first and last starring role on the stage came in the fifth grade, when I played The Judge in a play whose name I can't remember. Casting decisions that year were made more on the ability to memorize lines than the ability to act, which is why I was soon forced out of the business. What was your most memorable performance on the stage?

3. Today's my birthday, which is something I have in common with Alton Brown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Mullin, Lisa Kudrow and Sesame Place (my favorite theme park in Langhorne, PA).

I think I've asked a variation of this before, but since I'm getting old and forgetful, I'll ask again. What's the most interesting thing that's happened on your birthday? (Historically, not just to you.)

4. Now it's your turn. Which was your most memorable birthday?

Have a great weekend!

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How To Make A Snow Globe Cocktail
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Nothing gets people into the holiday spirit quite like snow globes… and booze. So, the Snow Globe Cocktail makes perfect sense.

Brought to us by , the festive cocktail is created with a few simple ingredients and supplies. Please resist the urge to shake it up. Instructions here.

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What Shows Up When You Google Yourself?
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On Fridays we ask a bunch of unrelated questions. Your answers help get us through the afternoon. On to this week's topics...

1. What's the strangest thing someone could learn about you by Googling your name? And has anyone who shares your name done anything remarkable? There's a Jason English who's almost exactly my age. He allegedly bit someone's ear off and flushed it down the toilet. It will be tough to rise above that in the search rankings.

2. What's something you regret quitting?

3. If you could change one rule in any board game, what would it be? (If you have a specific house rule you think the world should adopt, let us hear it.)

4. Do the kids celebrate Mischief Night/Devil's Eve in your neighborhood? What's the worst incident you remember?

5. Got a question for the group? Ask away. Have a great weekend and happy Halloween!


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