Weekend Links: The Ruins of Dungeness

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Flossy Reader Joe's amazingly fun website Bad Cover Versions may make you run for cover (but laugh as you do).
Dating can be tough, but dating hipsters can be tougher. For anyone who has had a confusing relationship with a hot and cold significant other, this apt animation will have you nodding and rolling your eyes in familiarity.

I couldn't be more excited to feature this Georgia jewel: Dungeness was once a great, sprawling estate owned by the Carnegie family in the early part of the 20th century. Located on Georgia's nearly uninhabited Cumberland Island, the estate is now nothing but ghostly ruins. It's an interesting story with some lovely, haunting pictures to match. I actually visited the ruins (and saw the wild horses!) in 2004 -- any other Flossers been there?
Tonight marks the fourth season premiere of AMC's award-winning series "Mad Men" (one of my favorite shows). In preparation for tonight's episode, take a look back at some of the best advice and favorite pieces of snippy wisdom from the show's most iconic character, Joan Holloway (well worth a gander for non-viewers, too!)
Graphic designers rely on sites like Photos.com to find images to use in ads and the like. And while most of the pictures can be easily put into categories, some simply defy explanation ... such as these terribly awkward stock photos.
Why stop there? Here's a short collection of some terribly awkward family photos (note that I've posted several different links to awkward family photos in the past and almost none of them have repeat pictures. That says something. Several things, I think!)
Staying with the picture theme, but a bit more in the abstract: here are 6 things from history we all pretty much picture incorrectly (and with good reason).
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July 25, 2010 - 7:17am
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