Watercooler Ammo Reject Pile!

A few months ago, Jason and I started a new Monday-Thursday newsletter called Watercooler Ammo. Here's some of the stuff that was left on the cutting room floor.

The Same Mold Story

If you're sick of people stealing your lunch from the company fridge, these innovative Anti-Theft Lunch Bags should do the trick. The bags are stained with green splotches to look like the food inside is moldy. If you want to get your hands on some bags, you'll have to move fast. At $8 for 25 bags, who knew fake mold was such a growth industry?

Link via my new favorite food blog Foodiggity.

Wheel Power

I'd never heard of wheelchair motorcycles, but I think this concept from Mobility Conquest is pretty wonderful. I especially love how the back of the cycle converts into a ramp at the back.

Link via OhGizmo.

Catalog Living

Our own Miss C turned me onto the wonderfully hilarious site Catalog Living-- a site of standard catalog photos furnished with some pretty great captions (see below).

Elaine was not amused by Gary's passive-aggressive response to her request to "garnish the cocktails."

Click here to see more from the site.

All the President's Ratings

The Wall Street Journal's taken all of the Gallup Approval Rating polls and plotted them in one fun graph. If you're anything like me, you'll be racking your brain trying to figure out the historical events that correlate with each up and down.

Click here to see the graphs in greater detail.

The Best Nutmeg I've Ever Seen

I know, I know. Most of you are sick of soccer, but I couldn't help but throw this in here. I couldn't tell what was happening until the video slowed it down, but this move by the Spanish player Mata is incredible. Of course, my favorite part of the video is the post-nutmeg celebration. This is just a pre-game, warm-up exercise, and the team's jumping up and down like they just scored a goal. Also great is the way one player consoles the guy who just got megged.

Wrapper's Delight

If you're wondering what gourmet food to pair with your Pizza Beer this holiday weekend, I think Turtle Burgers (cheese + burger + hot dogs all wrapped in bacon) make a lot of sense.

You can see the full instructions here.

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The Real Bay of Pigs: Big Major Cay in the Bahamas

When most people visit the Bahamas, they’re thinking about a vacation filled with sun, sand, and swimming—not swine. But you can get all four of those things if you visit Big Major Cay.

Big Major Cay, also now known as “Pig Island” for obvious reasons, is part of the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas. Exuma includes private islands owned by Johnny Depp, Tyler Perry, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and David Copperfield. Despite all of the local star power, the real attraction seems to be the family of feral pigs that has established Big Major Cay as their own. It’s hard to say how many are there—some reports say it’s a family of eight, while others say the numbers are up to 40. However big the band of roaming pigs is, none of them are shy: Their chief means of survival seems to be to swim right up to boats and beg for food, which the charmed tourists are happy to provide (although there are guidelines about the best way of feeding the pigs).

No one knows exactly how the pigs got there, but there are plenty of theories. Among them: 1) A nearby resort purposely released them more than a decade ago, hoping to attract tourists. 2) Sailors dropped them off on the island, intending to dine on pork once they were able to dock for a longer of period of time. For one reason or another, the sailors never returned. 3) They’re descendants of domesticated pigs from a nearby island. When residents complained about the original domesticated pigs, their owners solved the problem by dropping them off at Big Major Cay, which was uninhabited. 4) The pigs survived a shipwreck. The ship’s passengers did not.

The purposeful tourist trap theory is probably the least likely—VICE reports that the James Bond movie Thunderball was shot on a neighboring island in the 1960s, and the swimming swine were there then.

Though multiple articles reference how “adorable” the pigs are, don’t be fooled. One captain warns, “They’ll eat anything and everything—including fingers.”

Here they are in action in a video from National Geographic:

Pop Culture
The House From The Money Pit Is For Sale

Looking for star-studded new digs? For a cool $5.9 million, reports, you can own the Long Island country home featured in the 1986 comedy The Money Pit—no renovations required.

For the uninitiated, the film features Tom Hanks and Shelley Long as hapless first-time homeowners who purchase a rundown mansion for cheap. The savings they score end up being paltry compared to the debt they incur while trying to fix up the house.

The Money Pit featured exterior shots of "Northway," an eight-bedroom estate located in the village of Lattingtown in Nassau County, New York. Luckily for potential buyers, its insides are far nicer than the fictional ones portrayed in the movie, thanks in part to extensive renovations performed by the property’s current owners.

Amenities include a giant master suite with a French-style dressing room, eight fireplaces, a "wine wall," and a heated outdoor saltwater pool. Check out some photos below, or view the entire listing here.

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in 1986's “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in 1986's “The Money Pit”



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