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Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of things happening at libraries across the country. If there's something fun going on in your local library this week, leave us a comment!

So, how can libraries become the premier job ambition for the next generation? Oklahoma has the answer -- a week-long Information Matrix camp for teens! If you know someone ages 12-14 in the Sooner State, pass this along. Thanks for the tip, Tiffany!
Remember last week, when I told you that John Gotti, Jr. had written a children's book? No one should ever have to read that, but here are Jezebel's picks for who else should give kid lit a try. What do you think?
Some books can be truly harmful, though. Last week, commenter 'G' showed us an example of that -- a child-rearing book that had some fatal advice. Join the discussion here.
I know that lots of people think librarians do nothing but read all day long. Really, we are far too busy for that. But a day where I could do nothing but read? Oh, that would be wonderful. And hey! There happens to be an official Do Nothing But Read Day coming up, on June 27.

Another awesome teen event, this time in Kentucky. Tammy let me know that on July 31, the Marshall County Public Library is going back in time with a Renaissance Faire! Get ye to the library!
OK, now for adults! From May 17 - September 4 check out RACE: Are We So Different? (sponsored by Mayo Clinic, hosted by Rochester (MN) Public Library). The Rochester Public Library has a whole series of community events in conjunction with the exhibit. (Thanks, Virginia!)
So you say books are going to be obsolete, and smart money is on ebooks? Well, what about barcodes inside printed books that work like hyperlinks when photographed? One professor has made it happen. I think it's pretty cool, though I am skeptical as to how useful it would truly be.

I recently went to my husband's college reunion, and one of the things I love to do in a new town is check out their public library. And I have to say, the Princeton (NJ) Public Library kind of blew me away! Great architecture, lots of natural light, and a tile wall! See for yourself above and check out their amazing programs.
The Princeton Library is a great example of what a modern library can look like. But some libraries are housed in gorgeous historical buildings. Here are some beautiful old libraries, complete with turrets!

Grinnell Public Library in Wappingers Falls, NY.

West Chester (PA) Public Library.

Jefferson Market Branch, New York Public Library.
BoingBoing is the kind of site that librarians just love (and I know we're not alone in that) because it covers such a wide spectrum of curiosities. And I can tell that BoingBoing loves librarians, too. Here's a great recent column all about the Library of Congress' latest efforts at digitization, to share its collection with America. Because information wants to be free!
Want to know more about how great librarians are? Check out this book. The author discovered this little-known secret while researching her previous book, about obituaries. Maybe I'm biased, but I'd say the subtitle nails it. Though I do hate the word 'cybrarian.'
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Let me hear from you! Email me to tell me what your library is doing, and I'll feature you in an upcoming column. Thanks!

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