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10 Crazy Cupcakes

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The cupcake is an art form we can all get behind. It involves baking, an art form in itself, decorating, where the sky is the limit, and photography if the results are good. The best part is that even if the decorating isn't the greatest, you get to eat them! The decorations are excellent in these ten crazy cupcakes.

1. Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcakes

Lisa Smiley showcases many kinds of cupcakes on her site Smiley's Sweets and Creations. One that caught my eye was a cupcake with spaghetti and meatballs on top!

2. Knit Night Cupcakes

Lauren Ulm of Vegan Yum-Yum made these intricately knitted cupcakes for a Knit Night gathering that included a goodbye party for one member. The knitting on top of these cupcakes is made of marzipan yarn. They went over so well, the process of "knitting" them was featured on The Martha Stewart Show.

3. Sushi Cupcakes

Craftster member eggyolk put together Bento boxes of mini-cupcakes that look exactly like sushi. The rice you see is actually white sprinkles. Chopsticks and gummy fish added the finishing touch.

4. Murdered Cupcakes

Craftster member Lethargic made a special batch of cupcakes for a gathering to watch a season premiere of the TV show Dexter, which is about a serial killer. They feature bloody wounds made by knives fashioned from white chocolate. Inside the cupcakes: red velvet cake, of course!

5. Vegetables

Broccoli cupcakes? You heard right! Karen Tack and Alan Richardson of Hello, Cupcake! have produced a series of books on cupcakes. They find there is nothing that doesn't go on a cupcake, one way or another. The book What's New, Cupcake? will show you how to make Lo Mein Chinese cupcakes, which have broccoli on top. Yes, but this is no ordinary broccoli. Each floret is made from candy and sprinkles.

6. Robot Cupcakes

Hello Naomi makes individual cupcakes that are works of art, but are even more awesome in a set, like these robot cupcakes that can be mixed and matched to build cute robots. She also has sets of Pac-Man, Super Mario, and Space Invaders cupcakes in her extensive repertoire.

7. Pickle and Ice Cream Cupcakes

Unlike the other savory food cupcakes in this collection, these are made with real pickles, both in the cake and on top! Stefani Pollack of The Cupcake Project made a batch of pickle cupcakes to announce her pregnancy to blog readers last year. The recipe includes dill, onion, chopped pickles, and pickle juice in the cake itself.

8. Brain Slug Cupcakes

Alicia Traveria made these brain slug cupcakes featuring the critters seen on the TV show Futurama perched on little icing brains. Parasites have never been so cute!

9. Cheeseburger Cupcakes

KateDW's boyfriend surprised her on her birthday with these cupcakes that look just like mini cheeseburgers. She posted illustrated instructions for making them in this Flickr set. The sesame seeds are real!

10. The 100 Cupcakes Game

Robin Dahlberg and her roommates rang in the New Year with a party and 100 cupcakes. Each was decorated differently, to illustrate a game: board games, video games, even games you play in the back seat of a car on long trips. The cupcakes were photographed before being eaten and shared with the rest of us. How many of the 100 games can you identify from the cupcakes?




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Can’t See the Eclipse in Person? Watch NASA’s 360° Live Stream
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Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

Depending on where you live, the historic eclipse on August 21 might not look all that impressive from your vantage point. You may be far away from the path of totality, or stuck with heartbreakingly cloudy weather. Maybe you forgot to get your eclipse glasses before they sold out, or can't get away from your desk in the middle of the day.

But fear not. NASA has you covered. The space agency is live streaming a spectacular 4K-resolution 360° live video of the celestial phenomenon on Facebook. The livestream started at 12 p.m. Eastern Time and includes commentary from NASA experts based in South Carolina. It will run until about 4:15 ET.

You can watch it below, on NASA's Facebook page, or on the Facebook video app.

Cephalopod Fossil Sketch in Australia Can Be Seen From Space

Australia is home to some of the most singular creatures alive today, but a new piece of outdoor art pays homage to an organism that last inhabited the continent 65 million years ago. As the Townsville Bulletin reports, an etching of a prehistoric ammonite has appeared in a barren field in Queensland.

Ammonites are the ancestors of the cephalopods that currently populate the world’s oceans. They had sharp beaks, dexterous tentacles, and spiraling shells that could grow more than 3 feet in diameter. The inland sea where the ammonites once thrived has since dried up, leaving only fossils as evidence of their existence. The newly plowed dirt mural acts as a larger-than-life reminder of the ancient animals.

To make a drawing big enough to be seen from space, mathematician David Kennedy plotted the image into a path consisting of more than 600 “way points.” Then, using a former War World II airfield as his canvas, the property’s owner Rob Ievers plowed the massive 1230-foot-by-820-foot artwork into the ground with his tractor.

The project was funded by Soil Science Australia, an organization that uses soil art to raise awareness of the importance of farming. The sketch doubles as a paleotourist attraction for the local area, which is home to Australia's "dinosaur trail" of museums and other fossil-related attractions. But to see the craftsmanship in all its glory, visitors will need to find a way to view it from above.

[h/t Townsville Bulletin]


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