The Weekend Links: Sunday Edition

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It's unlikely that most of us live with any danger of major natural disaster from day to day, but the people who live near these 9 Active Volcanoes cannot say the same!
Kenya get Djibouti over to this list of Geographical Puns from Facebook, Belize?
Hyper-realist sculptors (warning: some mildly NSFW sculpture content) both scare and amaze. Even though the Uncanny Valley relates to robotics, I think it can apply very appropriately some of these sculptures!

Another instance of art overlapping with reality.
Tomorrow is Memorial Day and a holiday for many of us (rejoice!) But if you're unsure exactly who or what we are memorializing as we take to our grills and decks, educate yourself on its history! (Thanks Jan!)
As Flossy-contributor Sarah puts it, "Dogs surfing for charity, how much cuter could you get?" I have no answer, because this is pretty darn cute!
I posted a link last week to a site that maps satellite flybys, and got this informative response with a reader I thought I'd share: "For satellite flybys, I prefer ... not as simple to use, but it has much more information, including star charts.  Recommendation: Select your viewing location by following the "from database" hyperlink; when finished, then bookmark the page.  Use the "ISS", "HST", or "3.5" hyperlinks for satellite flybys, or the "Whole sky chart" hyperlink further down."
Thanks, as ever, to all who sent in links this week! Send all submissions to, and enjoy your long weekend if you have one!

May 30, 2010 - 7:12am
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