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Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of things happening at libraries across the country. If there's something fun going on in your local library this week, leave us a comment!

Travel to Italy, by way of the Oakland (CA) Public Library! In honor of Lonely Planet's latest travel book series, writer Alison Bing will give an interactive presentation all about Italian travel. Share your stories or plan your trip -- it's even more fun than a book! (Search for "Italy" on this page.)
Ever wonder what goes through the head of the author of a banned or threatened book when they hear the news? Read this article by the hilarious Dan Gutman for an insider's view.
And what can a parent do if the library won't remove books he or she deem offensive? One mom decided to hold the books hostage! She recently relented, but I wonder if she's paid the fines yet?
Speaking of overdue fees, another chink has appeared in George Washington's armor: he never returned two library books! He's got a whopping fine now. First we find out there was no cherry tree, now this. What's next?

The Canton (MI) Public Library offers lots of great programs and classes (including how to use that digital camera!), but they also have a beautiful installation in their children's room (above). It's not a real tree, but it is just amazing!

The Santa Fe Public Library loves to showcase local art and artists (in addition to all of its great books, of course). They frequently post a Call for Artists, so if you are in the area and artistically minded, pick up an application.
Live in Brooklyn? Want to learn to tango? Well then head over the Central Branch of the BPL for Tango lessons! The BPL also has a Philosophy Discussion Group if you prefer to flex your mind and not your muscles.
Portland, Oregon, would be a great city to live in for lots of reasons (mostly food - I am dying to visit and eat my face off), not the least of which is Multnomah County Library. They have the usual book clubs and computer classes, but also so much more—including a cool series to help you get more out of your life! Check out the events schedule for Life by Design.
We missed Library Snapshot Day, where people shared pictures of their library on a particular day, but that's okay. We can have our own Library Photo Day instead! Send me pictures of your library, inside or out, and we'll see if we can put them up in next week's column! (You can reach me here:

Here's a picture of my library the day we celebrated our 10th birthday with a cake-baking contest.

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