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Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of things happening at libraries across the country. If there's something fun going on in your local library this week, leave us a comment!

Stacy's series on children's books has gotten a lot of readers revisiting their youth, and I bet you will actually wish that you could be young again for the chance to attend Ocean County (NJ) Library's Star Wars Camp! It's this summer for children and families, so if you aren't a child or don't have your own, maybe you could borrow someone else's? They have lots of other great programs as well, which you can read about here.
The Baltimore Public Library has a truly innovative offering -- groceries delivered to you at the library!?

I can't imagine that this actually works, but NPR has the whole scoop. You can read more about it on the Baltimore City Health Department website.
One of the groups that we youth services librarians try to reach is teens. There are so many great teen books (besides Twilight), and the library can be a positive place in a teen's sometimes-turbulent life (at least, we hope so!). Calvert (MD) Library is really going above and beyond by having a Teen Only Night once a month -- only teens are allowed, and they break out the Wii and snacks for some fun!
Teens don't just read books, they write them, too! Kellah Jarvis is sharing her work and encouraging others at the East Regional Library in Knightdale, NC, on Tuesday, May 18.
Back to the books. A recent complaint by a library user got attention, and quite a reasonable answer (I think), about why the book he loved a few years ago was no longer in the library. If you've ever wondered that same thing, try reading this article and see if you agree or disagree: Library books end up in the trash.
A reader asked me to give a shout-out to the Lower Mills Branch Library of the Boston Public Library -- it sounds like it is in danger of budget cuts (not uncommon these days). That's too bad, because it looks like they have some really great events coming up, including a music series in the summer. Check out their calendar here.
Librarians, as information professionals, have a real thirst for knowledge, but there's a lot of stuff out there to read. How do we whittle it all down? Everyone has their favorite news outlets, but another great resource is The Library Link of the Day: Just one article related to a book or library. It's like VSL, but for libraries (and their fans)!
And of course, many librarians blog. Here's a sample of some funny ones: Annoyed Librarian, Dewey Decimal System, Librarian Trading Cards, and one from the comments last week: Awful Library Books. I have my own horror stories about things I've found on the shelf, well past their expiration date.
One of the more famous librarian bloggers (retired, actually) is Will Manley. He takes on lots of controversial topics, like sex, using the F-bomb, and, most insidious, perhaps, the staff potluck.
And do librarians tweet? Oh yes. Try following @halfpintingalls, @The_Pigeon, @MissJoMarch, or @BetsyTacyTib for some children's literature fun in your twitter stream.

And we'll end with a video to make you laugh:

That's not the only Library Ninja, strangely. Be sure and check out the related content for more library silliness.
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I've gotten lots of kind emails and comments -- thanks, guys! It's great to know that the libraries are near-and-dear to a lot of your hearts. Remember, we want to publicize all the great stuff that YOUR library is doing, so tell me at and I'll try and get it in a future column. See you next week!

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