Week Two: 'At the Libraries'

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Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen will provide links to a variety of things happening at libraries across the country. If there's something fun going on in your local library this week, leave us a comment!

We librarians will do just about anything to get your attention—including parking a car in the library. The Brownsburg (IN) Public Library has done just that in order to promote their new downloadable audio books and OverDrive Media Console.
If you live in Telluride, CO, you are already blessed with beautiful scenery year-round. Adding to the general awesomeness is the great stuff the public library is doing, including circulating energy meters and even bikes (on top of all the great books, of course). Check it out here.

Blue Island Public Library (IL) is celebrating Law Enforcement Week (May 9-15) with lots of great programs. If you can't make the events, or if the law isn't your bag, you could also join an online book club: "Every day, Monday through Friday, you will receive in your email a five-minute selection from a chapter of a book. By the end of the week, you'll have read 2-3 chapters."
Libraries like to take things outside, too! The Newport (PA) Public Library must have a lot of golf enthusiasts, because they're holding their 3rd annual Golf Scramble on May 14.
La Habra Public Library (CA) just wrapped up National Poetry Month with some great events, and they're not slowing down. On April 28 (today) was Dia de los Ninos, Dia de los Libros, a celebration of books and children, which included a children's parade and crafts.

Have you seen this yet? These funny library signs have been making the rounds on the internet. As a public librarian, yes they are sad, but they are also necessary. People are strange.
In fact, the strangeness of our patrons has inspired some librarians, namely the geniuses Gene Anbaum and Bill Barnes, to create a daily comic strip about a public library. I'm not sure if non-librarians will find it funny, but trust me when I say it is both hilarious and *very* true to life. Check out Unshelved here. It's like our xkcd.
Are you inspired to hit the library and grab that book you've always been meaning to read? Moby-Dick, Pride and Prejudice, Diary of a Wimpy Kid (it's really good!), or that long out-of-print book you loved as a kid? Well, check here first to find any book at any library!
Speaking of that long out-of-print book that you loved as a kid, is it just burning you up that you can't remember its title? Try one of several online groups to help you solve that exact problem, so you can be reunited with that book! Here are just a few to get you started.
Got any burning questions about libraries -- how they work, what they do, why they are draws for crazy people? Leave a comment and I'll try and tackle it next week. And librarians, let me know what awesome stuff your library is doing and maybe we'll post it here! Email me: atthelibraries@gmail.com. See you next week!

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