Morning Cup of Links: Millihelens and Megafonzies

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Prohibition was largely the work of one man: Wayne B. Wheeler. He manipulated the politics of so many cities and states that the federal government was no match for him.
Battle of the Album Covers. Classic LPs seem to have an awful lot of violence in them, especially when animated (slightly NSFW).
Why America's new baby boom bodes well for our future. Those born now will fuel economic growth and productivity that countries with declining birthrates can't compete with.
Humorous units of measurement. Let's all make an effort to use megawarhols, millihelens, and beard-seconds in conversation today. (via J-Walk Blog)
Big Mouth performs the song "Banal Na Aso Santong Kabayo" on the TV show Pilipinas Got Talent. I hope this doesn't give you night-mares.
Ten Things You Don't Know About Comets. And even if you do, you'll want to see the pictures!
Holy Kitsch! 5 Campy Facts About TV's Batman. In 1966, I didn't know what "camp" meant, and I took offense when my parents laughed at the show. Now I understand.

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April 21, 2010 - 12:01am
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