Morning Cup of Links: Tuxedo-ed Tabby

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Scientists have synthesized element 117, which fills in the hole on the periodic table. It could be years before the dust settles over who gets the naming rights.
The award-winning game Small Worlds looks simple with its pixel graphics, but start exploring and the world becomes bigger. I could eat up a lot of time moving around in here!
Math Class April Fools Joke. When a professor sees his shadow, does that mean another six weeks of spring break?
6 Ridiculous History Myths (You Probably Think Are True). Urban legends? Next they'll tell us there's no tooth fairy!
What makes a good internet video? A funny-looking costume, or a cat, or someone falls down. So this video is destined to be a classic.
Of coal mines and methane, which may have caused the mine explosion Monday in West Virginia. Face it, there is no safe and responsible way to extract fossil fuels from underground.
4 Secret Societies You (Probably) Don't Know About. And that right there is the definition of a successful secret society.

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April 7, 2010 - 12:04am
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