Morning Cup of Links: Depressed Whale

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Look Deep Into the Mind's Eye. A man who lost his ability to generate mental images didn't suffer any loss of skills, and gave neurologists an opportunity to study the remarkable resiliency of the brain.
6 Spectacularly Bad Ideas From History's Greatest Geniuses. To be fair, these men were the type who kept reaching for the stars until they finally hit a brick wall. (NSFW)
Arcade Aid is a game with 56 other games hidden in the graphic, and your mission is to identify them all. Expand your window horizontally to see all the possibilities.
Popular Science has published its annual list of the ten worst jobs in science. You won't want to read this while eating. (possibly NSFW)
A Depressed Whale. I was waiting for the "blue whale" joke, but got something much better. (audio NSFW)
Did someone say cats were afraid of dogs? This cat knows how to put a dog in its place!
6 Marvelously Misguided Promotions. Oh sure, they got publicity, but it wasn't what you'd call good publicity.

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March 29, 2010 - 12:03am
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