Of course our new 10 Issue (which hits newsstands on Tuesday!) isn't just filled with lists like 10 Provocative Questions about Chickens and 10 Ridiculous Feats of Literature. It also tackles some of the biggest questions ever asked by mankind. Important things, like:

How much water can a ten gallon hat really hold?

Screen shot 2010-02-24 at 3.42.50 AMAlas, the ten gallon hat falls 86 percent short of its promise. The average Stetson only holds about three quarts of water, even when filled all the way up to its brim. But in all likelihood, this discrepancy is the result of poor communications, not poor measurements. The earliest versions of the hat came from Mexico, where cowboys decorated them with colorful braids, known as galóns. The taller the sombrero, the more galóns could be wrapped around it; a ten galón hat would be very tall indeed. When cowboys from across the Rio Grande started borrowing their Mexican coworkers' favorite accessory, they probably butchered its name as well.

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We've also got the scoop on why the Marlboro Man actually smokes women's cigarettes. And we've got an easy to memorize chart on how to tell the difference between Mae West, Adam West and Kanye West. Intrigued? You can pick up the new issue on newsstands next week. Or better yet, make our editors happy and order a subscription right here.