The Quick 10: 10 Places That Rarely See Snow

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I am so sick of the snow and I think other Midwesterners or East Coasters will totally agree with me. I think we've gotten snow at least once a week since mid-November and it's getting pretty old. At this point, living in one of these 10 places is sounding pretty good to me.

1. The Sahara Desert. In southern Algeria in 1979, snow fell for the first and only time in the Sahara. The "storm" lasted for about 30 minutes and any evidence of it disappeared within hours.

STPETER2. Rome, Italy. Rome gets a dusting every few years, but heavy snow that sticks happens only once every 25 years or so. And one of those instances happened just a few days ago. Word has it even the Pope stood at a window of the Vatican for a while to watch the historic precipitation.
3. Homestead, Florida. At 25 degrees, 28 minutes north of the equator, the residents of Homestead were probably pretty surprised to see snowfall on January 19, 1977. That's about 25 miles north of the bridge from the mainland to the Keys "“ the Keys have never seen snow, as far as we know. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Key West was 41 degrees Fahrenheit on January 13, 1871, and January 12, 1993.

4. Seville, Spain. When it snowed in Seville and the surrounding area just a month ago, people were so excited to tell friends and family that the local mobile phone network totally collapsed for a short period of time. It was the first snowfall the region had seen in more than 50 years.

5. Baghdad, Iraq. Although it's not uncommon to see snow in Northern Iraq, snow took a 100-year hiatus from Baghdad before deciding to show itself again last year. Most of it melted as soon as it hit the ground, but citizens were still pleasantly surprised.

6. Lisbon, Portugal. Prior to January 2006, it had been more than a half century since Lisbon had last seen snowfall. Many highways and roads were closed in central and south Portugal during the storm of '06; one town even lost power.

7. Malibu, California. Snow in the mountains of California is expected, but snow in Malibu is pretty rare. It last hit during a cold snap at the end of 2008 that also hit Las Vegas (see #8).

VEGAS8. Las Vegas, Nevada. It used to be a rarity to see snow falling on the Palms or the Bellagio, but it seems to be happening about once a year now. The snow is brief and often melts as fast as it falls, but in December 2008, enough stuck around to make it a pretty newsworthy event. You can see a slideshow of Vegas landmarks getting the Frosty treatment here.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina. After this winter, I could probably go 89 years without seeing snow quite happily. That's how long it was between the two most recent snowfalls in Buenos Aires "“ from June 22, 1918, through July 9, 2007, snow remained a stranger to the city.

10. The Deep South. Just this past weekend, a rare amount of snow caused quite a bit of concern down south. Places like Savannah, Mobile, Jackson and Shreveport were all bracing for the unusual storm. Even a couple of inches can really throw things off down there - the last time Savannah saw measurable snow was in the '90s, and even then it wasn't even a quarter of an inch. "Snow shovels? They don't even know what they are down here," one former hardware store owner said.

Are you one of those people down south right now? Or are you a lucky one who has never experienced the pleasure of shoveling your driveway at 6 a.m.?

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February 16, 2010 - 12:33pm
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