The Weekend Links: Saturday Edition

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According to Flossy reader Merinda, "Everyone pretty much knows the Discovery Channel Bommedeyada 'i love the whole world' song. Then there was the xkcd strip. Now it seems most of the cool and awesome corners of the internet have gotten together to make a video of the xkcd strip. I mean, Cory Doctrow, in a cape, singing about blogging? Neil Gaiman on a trampoline? Okay, so the cool corners of the internet don't all sing on key, but still this vid's pretty darn awesome." (Note: Watch for a cameo by a certain mental_floss star and her daughters at the 0:24 mark.)
A colorful site does delight! (pointless as it may be)
From Sarah, a slightly frightening article: "Sure, you know about knock-off fashion in NYC but did you ever consider knock-off food? Extra virgin olive oil that wasn't all that innocent after all, ha!"
I agree with every single one of these Ten Mistakes That Could Ruin Ghostbusters III. Any more to add to the list? I love the off-handed "Heavyweights" reference, too.
Our friends at Burbia have captured another restaurant promotion that has us scratching our heads. (This one is still our favorite.)
Confused by the plethora of iPhone apps out there? There's probably an app for that (I'm guessing). But there's also a list of the 10 most Pointless Mobile Apps that will definitely leave you scratching your head.

Creative teapots that will make your mornings more interesting!
Speaking of tea, a Cup of Tea Game. So very cute! My high score was 2698, and I COULD have gone for longer but it wouldn't let me pause to answer the phone! If it doesn't load straight to this game, it's the last icon on the top row - I've not tried the others, but feel free to suggest other ones you've attempted!
Apparently every state in the US has snow on the ground right now - amazing, right? I am having no trouble napping through this Atlanta snow, but if you're having trouble sleeping, consider creating your own sleep sounds mix.
With all this snow, what is to be learned from it? The Oddly Enough blog has a few ideas, with "10 things I Learned from the Blizzard."
Tune in tomorrow for another batch of links! And put any of your favorite snow puns in the comments. I'll start you off with some of my faves:
Snotorious B.I.G.
Snowbama - "climate change we can believe in!"

And send all your internet links and finds to Stay warm!

February 13, 2010 - 5:10am
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