The Weird Week in Review

Man Steals Ambulance with Patient Inside

Police in Madison, Wisconsin say a drunken man got into an ambulance in the parking lot of a ski resort and drove off Monday night. Emergency personnel were in the back of the ambulance with a patient at the time! Police stopped the vehicle as the man was driving it around the parking lot. 24-year-old Nicholas Pontillo was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, driving while intoxicated, and vehicle theft. He also had two outstanding warrants.

Scottish Man Goes Home with Two Left Feet

76-year-old Patrick Morrison of Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland went to a hospital in Edinburgh to have his right foot amputated. A prosthetic foot was attached before he returned home. When his wife removed the bandages, she was surprised to find he now had two left feet!

Patrick reportedly said: "She just burst out laughing. I phoned the hospital and they cut off the bottom of the limb and replaced the foot."

The prosthetic expert at Astley Ainslie Hospital that fitted the foot to Morrison has been fired.

Millionaire Gives Away Fortune

Karl Rabeder of Telfs, Austria amassed a fortune of around £3 million after growing up in poverty. But his riches didn't make him happy. Now he is selling his properties and giving the money to charity. Rabeder is selling his luxury home in the Alps by a raffle, and his other house in Cruis through a real estate agent. The furnishings are being sold as well. The money will go to a microcredit charity he founded that lends small amounts of money to people in El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Chile for development and small businesses.

Turkey Vulture Hitches Ride in Helicopter

Paul Appleton was piloting a helicopter and taking pictures during the Super Bowl in Miami last week when a bird crashed through the windshield. The turkey vulture landed in Appleton's lap -and stayed there. The pilot decided it would not be safe to push the big bird out, so the buzzard rode for twenty miles sitting in Appleton's lap. When the helicopter landed, the bird flew out, stumbled around for a while, then flew off for good. The incident was captured on video.

Shackleton's Whisky Recovered

The New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust is restoring the shack used by explorer Ernest Shackleton during his Antarctic expedition of 1907-1909. In 2006 they discovered two cases of whisky, but only recently have they been able to free those crates from the ice. Then they discovered another case of whisky and two crates of brandy! Although the crates and most of the contents must remain with the historical site, a sample of the whisky will be retrieved for the distiller. Richard Paterson, master blender at Whyte & Mackay, says they will analyze the whisky in hopes of recreating the recipe, which had been lost since Shackleton took the brand to Antarctica.

Lame Duck Teaches Disabled Boy to Walk

Becci Lomax of Plymouth, England encountered a baby duckling that was going to be put down because of a lame leg. She took the duck in and nursed it back to health. As Lomax gave the duck, now named Ming-Ming, a dose of physical therapy every day, her 4-year-old son Finlay, who was born with cerebral palsy, watched and learned.

"This is the most amazing thing because in doing physio on the duckling, the same as I do for my son, Finlay took his first three steps after watching me doing the physio with the duckling.

"I was brimming with pride.

"Finlay uses a frame at home but even that's increased. He said 'I walk like the duck Mummy'," says Becci.

Is this quack medicine? We'll see when she gets a bill.

How Do You Steal a Washing Machine?

A man in Fort Walton Beach, Florida was seen pushing a washing machine down the street. A sheriff's deputy pulled up and asked him what he was doing. The man said the washing machine had been discarded, along with two dryers. The owner of the machine had appliances outside, but had posted a sign saying they were not to be moved. Nathan Earl Roberts was arrested on burglary and theft charges. Next time, he will probably make an effort to read the sign.

Bleat Along to Classic Holiday Tunes With This Goat Christmas Album

Feeling a little Grinchy this month? The Sweden branch of ActionAid, an international charity dedicated to fighting global poverty, wants to goat—errr ... goad—you into the Christmas spirit with their animal-focused holiday album: All I Want for Christmas is a Goat.

Fittingly, it features the shriek-filled vocal stylings of a group of festive farm animals bleating out classics like “Jingle Bells,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” and “O Come All Ye Faithful.” The recording may sound like a silly novelty release, but there's a serious cause behind it: It’s intended to remind listeners how the animals benefit impoverished communities. Goats can live in arid nations that are too dry for farming, and they provide their owners with milk and wool. In fact, the only thing they can't seem to do is, well, sing. 

You can purchase All I Want for Christmas is a Goat on iTunes and Spotify, or listen to a few songs from its eight-track selection below.

Nom & Malc, Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Cheese Wheel Wedding Cakes Are a Funky Twist on an Old Tradition
Nom & Malc, Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Nom & Malc, Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If there’s ever a time you have permission to be cheesy, it’s on your wedding day. What better way to do so than with a pungent wedding cake made of actual wheels of cheese? According to Elite Daily, cheese wedding cakes are a real option for couples who share an affinity for dairy products.

One of the trailblazers behind the sharp trend is Bath, England-based cheese supplier The Fine Cheese Co. The company offers clients a choice of one of dozens of wedding cake designs. There are bold show-stoppers like the Beatrice cake, which features five tiers of cheese and is priced at $400. For customers looking for something more delicate, there’s the Clara centerpiece, which replaces miniature wedding cakes with mounds of goat cheese. Whether your loved one likes funky Stilton or mellow brie, there’s a cheese cake to satisfy every palate. Flowers are incorporated into each display to make them just as pretty as conventional wedding cakes.

Since The Fine Cheese Co. arranged their first wedding cake in 2002, other cheese suppliers have entered the game. The Cheese Shed in Newton Abbot, England; I.J. Ellis Cheesemongers in Scotland; and Murray’s Cheese in New York will provide cheese wheel towers for weddings or any other special occasion. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from clearing out the local fromagerie and assembling a cheese cake at home.

[h/t Elite Daily]


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