10 Amazing Vids of Dogs Hangin' 20

While surfing may have originated in ancient Polynesian culture hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, the man who gets all the credit for bringing it to California's shores (via Hawaii) is George Freeth. Henry Huntington, the railroad magnate, invited Freeth to Redondo Beach in 1907 and billed it like this: "Come see the man who can walk on water." Seems 100 years ago, Freeth was borderline circus freak.

A lot has changed since 1907. Just about everyone and his dog is now comfortable "walking on water." And when I say dog, I literally mean dog! Check out these awe-some vids if you don't believe me. (And, yes, I realize it should say hangin' 18, not 20... but that just sounds wrong.)

1. Forget hangin' 20 - Nani can hang 40!

Let's start with Nani, a 5-year-old Bernese Mountain dog. Wait til you get to the part where Nani is joined by Kia for some hilarious tandem action!

2. Ricochet away!

This one features Riccochet the surfer dog catching a wave into the beach.

3. Dozier, you are the dog!

Check out surf dog Dozier at the 2009 surf Dog Surf a Thon put on by the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. The event which takes place at Dog Beach in Del mar helped raise nearly $50,000 for homeless pets and educational programs.

4. El Rollo?

This terrier, Sam, has some stiff competition from a 4-month-old Peruvian kitten!

5. Gnarlatious!

More Nani here. She's only 85 lbs, btw.

6. Surf City Surf Dog

Found this one embedded over on the Los Angeles Times site. Epic!

7. Hot-Dogging, anyone?

More Dozier here. Mondo mondo!

8. Buddy: Lord of Dogtown!

This Jack Russell terrier from Ventura can really work the longboard!

9. Every wave is a BIG wave when you're only a foot tall!

10. Sea-bound hounds R Rad!

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

TAKWest, Youtube
Watch Boris Karloff's 1966 Coffee Commercial
TAKWest, Youtube
TAKWest, Youtube

Horror legend Boris Karloff is famous for playing mummies, mad scientists, and of course, Frankenstein’s creation. In 1930, Karloff cemented the modern image of the monster—with its rectangular forehead, bolted neck, and enormous boots (allegedly weighing in at 11 pounds each)—in the minds of audiences.

But the horror icon, who was born 130 years ago today, also had a sense of humor. The actor appeared in numerous comedies, and even famously played a Boris Karloff look-alike (who’s offended when he’s mistaken for Karloff) in the original Broadway production of Arsenic and Old Lace

In the ’60s, Karloff also put his comedic chops to work in a commercial for Butter-Nut Coffee. The strange commercial, set in a spooky mansion, plays out like a movie scene, in which Karloff and the viewer are co-stars. Subtitles on the bottom of the screen feed the viewer lines, and Karloff responds accordingly. 

Watch the commercial below to see the British star selling coffee—and read your lines aloud to feel like you’re “acting” alongside Karloff. 

[h/t: Retroist]

Watch a Chain of Dominos Climb a Flight of Stairs

Dominos are made to fall down—it's what they do. But in the hands of 19-year-old professional domino artist Lily Hevesh, known as Hevesh5 on YouTube, the tiny plastic tiles can be arranged to fall up a flight of stairs in spectacular fashion.

The video spotted by Thrillist shows the chain reaction being set off at the top a staircase. The momentum travels to the bottom of the stairs and is then carried back up through a Rube Goldberg machine of balls, cups, dominos, and other toys spanning the steps. The contraption leads back up to the platform where it began, only to end with a basketball bouncing down the steps and toppling a wall of dominos below.

The domino art seems to flow effortlessly, but it took more than a few shots to get it right. The footage below shows the 32nd attempt at having all the elements come together in one, unbroken take. (You can catch the blooper at the end of an uncooperative basketball ruining a near-perfect run.)

Hevesh’s domino chains that don't appear to defy gravity are no less impressive. Check out this ambitious rainbow domino spiral that took her 25 hours to construct.

[h/t Thrillist]


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