Morning Cup of Links: Count Dracula

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7 Real World Heists That Put Ocean's 11 to Shame. Of course they weren't perfect crimes because we found out who did them... all but one.
Extreme Gaming, anywhere you want. Sure, he could do the same with a handheld game, but this is so much cooler.
Radiation therapy saves lives while it kills cancer, but mistakes can lead to horrifying injuries or death. When radiation is delivered by computer software, mistakes can go on too long before someone notices.
The Many Lives of Count Dracula. There was plenty of inspirational material for Bram Stoker's vampire, who went on to inspire all other vampire characters.
7 Of The Most Expensive Flops In Television History. Remember Cop Rock? Supertrain? There's a reason you don't.
It's a terrifying scenario you may have dreamed about: falling to earth from a high altitude. Popular Mechanics has a survival guide that will take you longer to read than the six mile fall would take. (via Metafilter)
8 Weird Theme Parks We'd Be Willing to Wait in Line For. And what do you want to bet they aren't nearly as crowded as your everyday run-of-the-mill theme parks?

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February 1, 2010 - 11:08pm
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