Morning Cup of Links: Milky Way Map

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The Google Earth Guys have photographed every street in the world, but they are far from done. Now they are going for the aerial view!
Journalist Stieg Larsson became a bestselling author of fiction, but he never knew it because he died before the first novel was published. Now there competing biographies, allegations that Larsson didn't write those novels, and the possibility that his partner of 30 years will inherit nothing.
Samuel Arbesman constructed a map of the Milky Way that resembles a subway map. "Hopefully it can provide as a useful shorthand for our place in the Milky Way, the 'important' sights, and make inconceivable distances a bit less daunting." (via Laughing Squid)
The World's 18 Strangest Tunnels. Whether its their size, usage, history, or construction, each has a story to tell.
15 Big Cheats and Fakers. That includes plagiarists, parodists, impostors, con men, lip-synchers, and those who take credit for other people's work. (via Neatorama)
The Top Secret Drum Corps of Basel, Switzerland should not be kept a secret. This much rhythm and discipline should be showcased, and often.
Strange Geographies: East LA's Abandoned Hospital. It was a hospital and it also played one on TV, too, but now it's abandoned and a bit creepy.

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January 28, 2010 - 11:09pm
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