Morning Cup of Links: Ink Pen Sex

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The Late Night Wars have given us plenty to read about, but this sort of thing has been going on for decades. You probably don't know the story of the biggest network talk show bomb ever. (via Metafilter)
Sex explained graphically. Not written or drawn out, but using ink pens. (via Buzzfeed)
This cat is no pussy as he defends his territory from a bear. The baby thought it was a great show.
What's the fastest way to write or take notes? Phil Gyford timed the same passage recorded by handwriting, regular keyboard, iPhone, and other devices. (via Jason Kottke)
Get Out is an award-winning French film about Gary, who doesn't want to go through the door. He doesn't know what's waiting for him on the other side. (via Everlasting Blort)
The best TV entertainment comes from those moments that do NOT go as planned. Stephen Fry flubs his lines and pays for it the rest of the show.
4 things to know about Jack Webb's series Adam 12. And later on, Emergency! Yep, that was Webb's as well.

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January 24, 2010 - 11:03pm
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