Morning Cup of Links: Mystery Broadcasts

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Every once in a while, people encounter things on their radio, TV, or interstellar wave detectors that no one can explain. Is it a secret military message, a prankster hacking just to see if it can be done, or aliens trying to contact us?
The Top 10 Worst Attempts At Cutting Down A Tree, or at least the worst where someone was ready to record the disaster on video. Enjoy, then review your home owner's insurance.
An experimental community in the New Jersey woods has become a destination for the homeless. As the population goes up and donations go down, idealism goes out the window.
A group of finches and their improvisational guitar work. Many times I've heard worse solos by pros in nightclubs.
Which species is least likely to knock over dominos during a TV game show? If you've never seen an armadillo in action, you'll want to watch this all the way through. (via Buzzfeed)
The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters. Super heroes don't usually proselytize, but we can figure out their beliefs through their actions. (via Neatorama)
Fun with Venn and Euler Diagrams. Now that I have a family of six, I should make a new Euler diagram of their eating habits, but it would be too discouraging.

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January 18, 2010 - 11:01pm
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