Setgo Transport Urban Bag

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You've got a lot of gadgets to carry around with you  -your phone or Blackberry, iPod, keys, maybe a DS, and a wallet. Women carry them in a purse. Men's pants pockets are roomy, but they can only go so far. Some guys put everything in a backpack, camera bag, or laptop bag and hope what they carry doesn't resemble a man bag, or a "European shoulder bag". Especially when it's a gift from someone who will want to see you use it. So when is a man bag not a man bag? When it resembles something more manly, like maybe an ammunition bandolier! That's apparently the idea behind the Setgo Transport Urban Bag.
This bag hugs your body over the shoulder and keeps your gadgets close and secure enough to plug earbuds into. It's made of strong but lightweight nylon. There are two strapped pockets in the front for gadgets, a small place to keep the one card you use most (like your subway card or student ID), and a zipper pocket as well. On the back you'll find three layers of pockets: three internal, one external, and a long zipped 250transportbagpocket for anything that won't fit into the other pockets. If you don't go overboard and carry more gadgets and gear than you normally would, this should fit against the body well enough to wear your coat over and no one would be the wiser. It might even surprise and confound a pickpocket. And it has to be a better way to distribute weight on your back and shoulders than a purse with all those gadgets in it, so women will find this useful as well as men. The Setgo Transport Urban Bag might even help fulfill your fantasy of looking like Chewbacca or Pancho Villa!
Sure, this would make traveling easier ...up to a point. There's no danger of setting a bag down and walking off without it, and a thief would have a hard time grabbing it. But I have to admit, the first thing I thought of when seeing this accessory is how it would go over at the TSA airport screening line. Not only does it look like a bandolier, it also looks like you've strapped something to your body (which you have, but for innocent reasons, of course). The best thing you could do in that situation is to remove any outer garments and the transport urban bag early in the line and have it ready to shoot through the x-ray machine before someone panics.

I find myself calling this the "urban transport bag" because there's something a little weird about saying "transport urban bag." The word sequence reminds me of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, which should naturally be "the comic insult dog". $79 from Yanko Design.

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December 21, 2009 - 2:43am
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