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The Late Movies: Remembering Jack Rose

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I first heard Jack Rose four or five years ago when he opened for Sunn O))) at Philadelphia's First Unitarian Church. While Sunn O))) may have had the loud guitars and the smoke machine and the creepy lights and all the heavy metal street cred in the world, Rose, a stocky, bearded Philadelphia transplant sitting up on the stage with only his acoustic guitar, was infinitely heavier.

Rose's music was a mix of country, blues, ragtime, drone, Eastern classical and folk elements, all blended and simmered in the tradition of finger-picked guitar and Rose's experimental spirit. Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance said it best when he talked about Rose's 2003 album Opium Musick in an interview with "Finally"¦ somebody has something to say on the acoustic guitar that hasn't been said before."

Rose suffered a heart attack and died this past Saturday at the age of 38.

Rest in Peace, Jack.


Rose performs a track from last year's Dr. Ragtime and his Pals at a free in-store show at Reckless Records' Wicker Park store.

Live in Berlin

Here he is in Germany in 2007, showing his Eastern influences.

With the Black Twig Pickers

Rose and the Black Twig Pickers (a group of Virginia musicians that includes Nathan Bowles, who played with Rose in the drone group Pelt in the early "˜90s) hard at work in the studio.

And live at Terrastock 7 in Louisville, Kentucky

"Kensington Blues"

Live at Time Tested Books, Sacramento CA in 2007. FYI: Kensington is the Philly neighborhood where Rose lived. It borders the titular neighborhood of another Rose song, "Fishtown Flower."

Live in Philadelphia

Two songs "“ "Dusty Grass" and "Levee"Â  "“ from a May 2008 show at Johnny Brenda's.

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Hamilton Broadway
A Hamilton-Themed Cookbook is Coming
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Hamilton Broadway

Fans of Broadway hit Hamilton will soon be able to dine like the Founding Fathers: As Eater reports, a new Alexander Hamilton-inspired cookbook is slated for release in fall 2017.

Cover art for Laura Kumin's forthcoming cookbook

Called The Hamilton Cookbook: Cooking, Eating, and Entertaining in Hamilton’s World, the recipe collection by author Laura Kumin “takes you into Hamilton’s home and to his table, with historical information, recipes, and tips on how you can prepare food and serve the food that our founding fathers enjoyed in their day,” according to the Amazon description. It also recounts Hamilton’s favorite dishes, how he enjoyed them, and which ingredients were used.

Recipes included are cauliflower florets two ways, fried sausages and apples, gingerbread cake, and apple pie. (Cue the "young, scrappy, and hungry" references.) The cookbook’s official release is on November 21—but until then, you can stave off your appetite for all things Hamilton-related by downloading the musical’s new app.


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