Morning Cup of Links: Ghost Ships

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Norman Rockwell: The Original King of the Photoshop. Of course, the software didn't exist back then, but he was a master at taking a photograph and making it something special.
Deconstructing Disney Princesses. A much deeper discussion continues in the comments. (via Buzzfeed)
Terminator 2, told in only nine minutes thanks to a hip-hop narration. Admittedly, it's easier if you've already seen the movie, but who hasn't?
The 8 Manliest Images on the Internet. Trying to outdo these could be dangerous, or even lethal.
The term ghost ship can refer to a mysterious apparition of a ship when a ship is not really there, or it can refer to an abandoned ship found with no crew or passengers, usually under mysterious circumstances. Both kinds are listed here in these ten spooky stories of ghost ships. (via Unique Daily)
Terry Tate, Office Linebacker. The kind of guy every office needs to keep productivity up.
Food Challenges for the Super Hungry, Super Competitive or Super Cheap. Any way you look at it, this is a LOT of food!

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October 27, 2009 - 12:02am
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