Morning Cup of Links: Bicycling Alaska

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Max Hirschberg rode a bike for two months to get to Nome, Alaska to join the Klondike gold rush in 1900. And you think you have a difficult commute. (via Metafiter)
10 Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back from the Dead. Chilling lessons from science fiction and horror stories. (via Gorilla Mask)
Right Stuff, Wrong Sex: NASA's Lost Female Astronauts. They were physically better qualified than the male astronauts, but politically never had a chance. (via Boing Boing)
Verizon Wireless pranks a customer. He made a call, they showed up, just like in those ridiculous TV ads.
Scans of the human brain show how neurons fire in different patterns when we are asleep, drugged, experiencing seizures or headaches, and when the brain is damaged. (via the Presurfer)
Roman Polanski on To Catch a Predator. So what if the interviewer and interviewee are 30 years apart, it still works.
Where Are They Now? The Original Six American Gladiators. Yes, you may read this without admitting you were a fan.

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October 8, 2009 - 12:05am
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