Morning Cup of Links: 9/11

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Project 2,996 has bloggers from all over posting tributes to victims of 9/11 so they will be remembered as individuals instead of a large group. Here's a linked list of participating bloggers who will have tributes up today.
After 9/11, many people predicted that New York would change forever, but those predictions have mostly turned out wrong. Stubbornness and resiliency brought normalcy back sooner than anyone expected.
Animal faces you can buy and wear. So well done, but oh so creepy!
An 1857 letter from a slave to her former owner's family will break your heart. On a lighter note, here's an 1865 letter from a former slave who was by then a free man.
Scientists can now levitate mice in the lab. They say they are doing it to help astronauts deal with low gravity, but you know they'll be out on the streets with a tin cup impressing tourists any day now.
A sloth goes on a date. I never understood how this campaign was supposed to sell Alfa Romeo cars, but it's fun to watch.
6 Classical Scandals Straight from the Tabloids. Mom always told you to never trust a professional musician; that reputation goes way back.

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September 11, 2009 - 12:06am
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