Morning Cup of Links: When Good Science Goes Bad

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Miss Cellania is enjoying a well-deserved day off. Here's an all-floss edition of the Morning Links I had sitting half-finished in the drafts folder.

When good science goes bad: 3 ideas that went really wrong.
Former pitcher Curt Schilling is mulling a run for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. Here's a look at 5 athletes who struggled as politicians.
Since I'm putting this together while watching a TiVo'd episode of Frasier, let's revisit Kara's fun facts about Frasier, including which Friends star was originally part of the cast.
From the mental_floss book Forbidden Knowledge, 7 super-sized (and somewhat insane) Soviet projects.
Pictures from our readers: ill-advised business names.
And for all you new college students acclimating to dorm life, let's visit 5 places not on your orientation tour.
When the show Monk was being developed, the network wanted Michael ('Cosmo Kramer') Richards for the lead role. For more amazing facts, 140 characters at a time, follow us on Twitter.

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September 4, 2009 - 1:15am
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