Morning Cup of Links: Hypno-Cat

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A love story of Olympic proportions. 25 years later, Al Joyner sees Flo Jo every day, in their daughter. (via Metafilter)
Why our sun makes a figure eight in the sky every year. Let's just say it's complicated.
Have you ever been hypnotized by a cat? You might not realize that they do this all the time. (via Gorilla Mask)
Rare Photographs of Now Extinct Beasts. A civilization that can invent photography should be able to save species from completely vanishing.
5 Reasons Why "House, M.D." Is Science Fiction. This must be why I like it even though it centers around a truly unlikable character.
Get your insulin ready for an overdose of adorable! Here are nine videos of cute little bunny rabbits falling asleep.
4 Ways to Become a Diabolical Genius from the Comfort of Your Home. Not that we're advocating anything of the sort, oh no...

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August 27, 2009 - 11:52pm
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