Morning Cup of Links: Cancer Humor

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A Malignant Melanoma Walks Into a Bar... Relatively young cancer patients are fighting back with their sense of humor. (via Metafilter)
Details Magazine ranks the best 25 fast food items in America. Even though I've never had one, I guessed their pick for #1.
The 100 Most Iconic TV Show Intros Of All Time. Scroll through to find your favorites, or skip to the top ten (like I did).
Before you see District 9 (which opens today), take a look at the 2005 short film that introduced us to Neill Blomkamp and his aliens, Alive in Joburg. Marrying political points with science fiction is not new, but it's been a while since it was done this well.
The Ukraine's Got Talent TV show competition was won by Kseniya Simonova, who is a sand artist. She gives an amazing performance, but would this art even make it past the auditions in the US?
Man And His Dog. A collection of photos guaranteed to make you go "Aww". (via the Presurfer)
8 Awesome Video Game Quilts. It seems anachronistic at first glance, but 8-bit pixelated arcade game icons lend themselves well to the design of patchwork quilts.

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August 14, 2009 - 2:36am
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